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Sometimes we say, it's just alcohol. A little alcohol won't hurt nobody. I would love for you to read the below carefully, one way or the other, I hope you draw inspiration from it or I hope someone you love can draw inspiration from it: 

This is a depiction of just how physically tiny the fetal heart is in the early stages of development (literally no bigger than our nail beds!). Congenital heart defects arise during embryogenesis - typically during the 3rd to 8th weeks of pregnancy. It is very common for a woman to be unaware of her pregnancy during this initial 8 week window. As a large number of adults in the US consume alcohol at least once a week, it is no coincidence that the most common congenital heart defect (ventricular septal defect)
is associated with fetal alcohol syndrome. When a pregnant woman consumes alcohol, it enters her bloodstream & reaches her developing fetus by crossing the placenta. This results in a higher blood alcohol concentration in the developing baby in comparison to the mother’s body - primarily due to the fact that a fetus metabolizes alcohol slower than an adult does.This alcohol interferes with the delivery of oxygen & optimal nutrients to the baby's developing tissues & organs, including the brain & heart. This phenomenon is believed to contribute to the impairments seen in the facial features, organs, bones, & central nervous system of infants who suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome. For this reason, physicians believe it is important to practice safe sex & also recommend no alcohol intake for a woman who is trying to become pregnant! Drink responsibly this Saturday night ladies & gentlemen!

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  1. My dear, little alcohol is sometimes good to relief stress........too much of everything is bad including alcohol, food, sleep, etc

  2. Wow. Eye opener. Inspiring.


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