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Being On Wheel Chair Couldn't Stop Her From Being Stylish - Meet Lizzy Oke

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Lizzy Oke was recently interviewed by Jennifer Ogoo of I found this interview very interesting and I thought I should share it. I hope that as you read it, you draw inspiration and also lessons from it. Please read to the end. ENJOY!

Meet Lizzy Oke of

Name: Lizzy Oke. 
Blog: The Do It Yourself Lady (
Size: U.S Size 14.
Age: 26.
Location: Texas, U.S.A

What or who inspired you to be a blogger?
Ohhh, *sighs*… Honestly this happened by chance, but also not really. I love fashion, I enjoy putting clothes together, and I also wanted to showcase my style for the world to see and hopefully be inspired. The blogging world is saturated, but I noticed it was somewhat lacking women who are fashion savvy and choose to showcase their style despite being wheelchair users. However, to go back to your question, blogging for me actually started with my love for nail polish. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, Wait what? LOL. But what can I say, I love my nail polishes and I own quite a few plenty of them in different colors and finishes.

Do you blog full-time, for fun, as a hobby? Share your evolution!
Right now, I’m doing it part-time,  for fun and a hobby. There was a time where it was somewhat full-time, but my life right now only allows me to do it part-time. It’s a bit more serious than a hobby because it has certainly grown over the years, and with my partnerships with different companies, it’s now somewhat of a part time job.

What challenges do you face, if any, in not being a size 0-8? 
My challenges are beyond my size. Hahaha… Hello, do you see a wheelchair? Size is the least of my worries. Lmbo. Ok, Ok… to be honest, there are not that many size challenges in 2015. I know where to shop and what fits my body type so that helps tremendously in not having challenges in the size department. Oh wait, I just read your question again, and I could have just said I don’t face any challenges. :P

Describe your personal style?
Matchy-matchy! I notice I tend to stay in color families that are similar or complement each other. Once in a while, I do the whole color-block, prints on solids e.t.c, but my every day personal style is matchy-matchy. Oh, and very feminine.

What's your favorite thing about fashion, styling and dressing up?
It allows you to be who you are, and also leaves room to be who you want to be at any given moment. It’s a way to express one’s self and it’s ever evolving!

What’s your favorite thing about being plus-size?
 I’ve always been a plus size, and as such, I can’t really compare with not being plus-size. I love my curves a lot though, and I’ve always said I’d love to maintain my curves even if I lose weight and I’m no longer considered plus-size.

What do you think or hear from readers, is one of the biggest myths about plus size fashion?
“OMG, How do you find such cute things in your size!!!!”
I too used to think that finding cute things in plus size was next to impossible, but that all stopped when I turned 14 and began to go shopping for myself. I also discovered what worked for my body type, and over the years, I have discovered the stores to find things that fits my body type and my personal style. The choices weren’t much while growing up, but there were choices, and it was up to me to put them together and match them up in a way that made them look “cute”.

Who/what are your favorite designer/ brand?
Designers? Scratch that. That is the first thing I find that hinders most plus sized ladies from buying things that suit their body type.  For my personal style, I have no favorite designers or brands. Everything that looks good and fits right, regardless of who designed it is a winner in my book.  

What's your message to plus-size women out there?
Confidence: this is the first line of action. OWN IT. Whatever it is!
Second line of action which will really help you with #1 is to know your body and what works for you.
Aside from those two, shop around; don’t squeeze yourself into a designer dress just for brand name purposes. If it fits, fine, but don’t force it.
Accessorize; I still think every plus sized girl needs a lovely belt that can clinch that waist up real good.  
These are the same messages I give to girls who ask me about dressing up on a wheelchair. Everything goes back to just knowing what works for your body type.
What a great interview right?

Here are some lessons this interview teaches and I hope you can draw inspiration from them:

1) Don't let your situation or circumstance limit you from doing or achieving something great for yourself. We saw here () how this great man set example for the world despite his situation/condition. Like Steve Harris do say ''it is not by what you don't have that limits you, it is by what you have but don't know how to use it''. He also do say ''start small but grow fast'' and ''give God something to work with''. 

If you keep limiting yourself, what will you give God to work with? Leave your comfort zone. Like we have inspired ourselves here >>>  just start and leave the increase to God.

2) You define your beauty, your style and who you are. Don't let people define it for you. Like we established here>>>  it is one major factor that makes people detest their lives, it completely kills the esteem of people and also it demotivates them about life.  

3) Own your true beauty. We already talked about that here >>>  at great length. 

5) LIVE! Because life is beautiful! (More on that here >>> )

6) Last but not the least, always believe that you are an agent of change, that you have something great to offer, that you are unique and priceless...above all that YOU ARE A MIRACLE! (More on that here >>> )

Be Inspired
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I hope you were inspired by this post? Do share with us what you gathered/learnt from the interview?

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  1. Inspiring. The matchy matchy got me laughing.

  2. SO inspiring. Such a breath of fresh air seeing a woman of color NOT a size 2 rocking fashion!


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