Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Why Cycling Is One Of The Most Recommended Sports For You


Cycling is one sport or exercise I have recently fallen in love with. After my recent encounter with cycling I have come to the terms that cycling is a sport or a form of exercise everyone should give a try. It also happens to be a great form of indoor or outdoor exercise depending on how you want it.

Many are of the opinion or believe that it is very easy to ride a bicycle...Well, to those that are yet to learn how to ride a bicycle, you can still cycle with a cycling machine (pictured above).
Though like every other form of exercise or sport you are doing or might be considering doing, you will experience some form of pain at first but not to worry with time, it will die down.

Cycling is believed to be the best form of cardio exercise according to and when you feel you have gained so much weight try cycling and watch you lose those weights within a short period of time. is of the opinion that you tend to burn up to 500 calories when you cycle or ride a bicycle for 30 minutes. That's a lot right?

Cycling also helps strengthen once legs. With cycling be rest assured that you are killing more than 2 birds with one stone. But how? When you are cycling you are exercising your legs, laps (thighs), chest, arms and stomach at once. Which is great right?

So if you want to lose some belly fat or you want to tone down your thighs and legs fat, cycling isn't a bad idea for you. One also tends to enjoy the importance of exercising as we discussed here >>>  when you cycle.

I hope you can now see why I said cycling is one of the most recommended sports for you right?

Have fun as you cycle!

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  1. I enjoyed doing this as a child. I think I will buy a bicycle along my new car to continue this. *wink*


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