Friday, 4 September 2015

Men On Fedora


Before I continue, I would love to say to ladies, please don't feel left out by the topic, here is a post >>>  on ladies looking stylish on bowler fedora to keep you dressing, looking and feeling like queens. But you can also share this post with your friends/brothers/boyfriends/fianc├ęs/husbands/father/uncles to inspire them to look like the kings they are on fedora hats.

Back to our kings. fedora hats are hats that screams class, style and grace without having to utter a single word. I won't say they are a must have's like we established here >>>  on the must have's for a men. However they are great accessories that help in spicing up your look once in a while or often if you so desire.

Many might be wondering but where do wear it to or in what outfit can I wear them on? Like we can see below, the great answer
is that you can literally wear it to any and every occasion... well aside from when entering into the church or to work depending on the type of place you work. And you can wear it on anything... on a causal wear... on a semi formal wear...on a formal wear...on a traditional attire etc

Rather than continue, I will allow pictures to do rest of the talking. I hope you get inspired. ENJOY!

P.S- It is never too late to start grooming our sons to dress, look and feel like kings is it? then a fedora for your son isn't a bad idea right?

Be Inspired To Dress, Look And Feel Like A King

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  1. looks great........ama getting one soon

    1. Dear Anonymous, I am glad you were inspired by the post.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah. It isn't a must have...just to spice up your look once in a while. You might love it if you try it on *wink*

  3. Lovely pics,chi I want yours

    1. Lol
      Soon, God will allow us have varieties of fashion give aways on this blog. Amen

    2. By God's grace, with'll be blessed beyond that of Linda ikeji


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