Saturday, 12 September 2015

Ladies, 8 Different Ways You Could Wear/Knot Your Belts


Small belts are one of my favourite fashion accessories. It's no secret that to spice up their fashion look, most people or should I say many people sometimes use their scarves in form of belts. We inspired one another here >>>  on 20 ways to wear scarves by both men and women.

Rather than always wearing your belts in one particular way, today we will go further by inspiring each other (don't worry our kings, a post will be up for you soon *smiles*) on different ways we could wear/knot our belts and still come out looking elegant, glamorous and above all, like the queens that we are.

Small belts are powerful fashion accessories. They complement one's outfit so well irrespective of what you are wearing. Be it maxi dress/skirt/pants or a fitted skirt/dress/pants or a fitted shirt/top. These belt styles could be always look so beautiful on corporate outfits. Powerful fashion accessory I tell you!

I wear my belts most times, in the way the 7th illustration was demonstrated. I can't wait to start practising! Now, why not, we see them together? I hope you get inspired ENJOY!
Classic Knot

Double Knot


Hidden End Knot

Inside Loop Knot

Round-Around Knot

Hair Elastic Loop

Crossed Belts

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Be Inspired To Dress, Feel And Look Like A Queen

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