Monday, 21 September 2015

...Just One More Push


Sometimes, the will to stop/quit becomes so much stronger and louder than the will to continue. Sometimes, your circumstance or the situation you find yourself in discourages you to forge ahead, discourages you to find the strength to continue. 

But the truth is that, we have to find the will, strength and above all, the courage to continue even when there is none left. In the labour room, a mother feeling so much pain already and is just so tired of pushing, gives herself just one more push and her baby, the priceless gift, the reward of her labour is out. The pains she felt while pushing is immediately replaced with undeniable joy.

Sometimes, the flesh screams NO! Sometimes the will to continue, screams NO! Sometimes, the urge
to relax just for a little moment, screams YES! But the will of determination, the will never to be recorded in your books that you gave up, the will of persistence, the inner strength you never knew had pushes you to continue, pushes you to give it just one more try..Just one more try and the baby is out...Just one more try, and the  result is out... Just more one try and the prize you laboured for so long is yours...Just one more push.

Like the picture above, 25 years later, the patient lying unconscious in the surgery board is seen holding up the picture of a surgeon and his assistant who after 23 hours of a successful surgery on him are completely fagged out. You can that the surgeon's mind isn't here present when the picture was taken. He might be thinking, oh, where is my bed or I need a very hot bath. The assistant however, couldn't wait to get home to sleep that she slept in the surgery room. And all these happened after 23 hours of a successful surgery. The patient is alive and well to testify...The result of just one more push is priceless! 

Now what happens, if the doctor and his assistant decided to pass out for a second or for a few minutes? The patient may not have being alive after 25 years to share the picture. Sometimes, when there is no strength or encouragement left, you just have to find the courage to continue. You just have to create the strength to continue.

There might have been many NOs that you are so discouraged to even continue. There might have been disappointments upon disappointments from people. But do you know that just one YES can change your life forever for good? The question now is, if you don't give yourself that one more push, you may never know what it feels like to get that YES you have always longed for. 

To be honest, it not always easy, it is not always encouraging and it is not always fun. But do you know who gets to be victorious in the end? Do you know who gets to laugh last? The answer is...YOU!

Just one more push dear... Just one more push, don't worry, it will end in praise. 

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  1. Wow. If not for God and Patience, I wonder where the old man would have been now. What is God's is God's.
    This is so inspiring.

    1. Thank you dear. I am glad you were inspired by this post.

  2. Perseverence is indeed a solution to quitting on a quest. I love this post.

  3. Nice inspiring one...this triggers me. Http://


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