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It is popularly said that procrastination is a lazy man's apology. Sometimes, you might not be a lazy person but the more you push things aside, the lazier you get or feel to do that thing hence you keep on pushing that thing till the dying minute or you may not never get it/them done again.

So, our inspiration for the month is STOP PROCRASTINATING, JUST START!

If you have a book to write, start writing it.
If you have a book to read for an upcoming exam or to boost your intellect, start reading it.
If you have a website to start, start it now.
If you have a business idea to work on or to develop, start it now.
If you have a house to build or a job to apply for or a school to apply for or a seminar to attend or a... (fill in the gap) whatever it is. Start now!

By you starting, you will realise you have began your journey of a thousand miles and before you know it, you have finished or accomplished more than what you set out to accomplish.

No more flushing great ideas down the drain, Just Start!

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Be Inspired

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