Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Help! Are There People With Perfect Relationships?


Everyone decides a perfect relationship. Everyone craves for a perfect relationship.
Most times we write a VERY long list of what we want in our relationships to be like or of what we want our significant others to be or to possess. We desire nothing else but that ''perfect'' relationship or that ''perfect'' person.

In our wish list, we crave for a relationship where everything needs to go as we want them to go. A relationship with no lies, no quarrels, no misunderstanding, no bad attitudes or bad moods, no bad cook, no fine looking men or women just handsome men or beautiful women, no six packs or figure 8 body no relationship, he or she must do this and that for me, he or she must be this or that no this and that.... and the list goes on and on.

The truth is that, everything we wish for are most times wishes because there really will never be
 a prefect relationship. You know why? Because no one is perfect. Two identical twins though they look alike can never act alike. A relationship or a marriage exist when two imperfect people decides to come together to be one.

Everyday we pray to God for perfection. Everyday we pray to God to be better people. Everyday we ask God for His help to be better than we were yesterday. If we daily ask God for His help to change us and He daily moulds us to be who we desire to be, will it not be cruel of us to immediately except someone who is imperfect to be perfect or to be who we want them to be?

Perfect relationships most times are what the individuals in the relationship call it. What is perfect for couple A might not be what is perfect for couple B. When the couple you see as a perfect couple with the perfect relationship opens up to you, you will see that your imperfect relationship is more perfect than what you ever thought. That is why it is completely wrong to judge or base your relationship on how you see or view other relationships because not everything is how it seems.

There are relationships that what you can tolerate in your relationship can never be tolerated in their relationship. There are relationships where what you decide as a couple shouldn't be part of your relationship or you train each other to see that certain things aren't part of your relationship might not be a big deal in other relationships.

So back to the question, Are There People With Perfect Relationships? My answer is no, because there is no perfect relationship and every couple out decides together what is perfect for their relationship.

Do you disagree with my thoughts? Please do share yours with me, let's learn from each other.

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  1. I love the third paragraph. The post said it all. No perfect relationship out there. You build what you what. If the map doesn't not agree with the ground, what do you do?!


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