Saturday, 19 September 2015

FUN TIME! What Kind Of A Dessert Would You Go For?


The meaning of cheat day and why it is important in our journey to being healthy has already been established here>>> 

Now, what do we mean by dessert?
According to Google's dictionary ''dessert is a sweet course eaten at the end of the meal''.  Aside from that, once in a while we tend to have cravings for sugary things. As long as it is in moderation or one doesn't over indulge it is fine.

Now what kind of dessert would you go for? Will you go for:


Chocolate cake

Normal cake (That is sponge cake, red velvet cake etc)


Chocolate dipped pears

Ice cream


Cake strawberries cream dessert 

Chocolate dessert

I would go for a normal cake...I love cakes, then afterwards maybe some ice cream. So, which one would you go for without blinking? 

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  1. Puddings all the way.. my fav

  2. Puddings all the way. My fav

  3. All of these aren't my kinda desserts. I prefer some fruit kinda....


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