Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Enjoy Drinking Your Green Tea Like Never Before By Adding Any Of These To It


When I mention green tea to people or when I talked about our just completed green tea challenge (please find here >>>   ) to people, there is one question they usually ask and it is- do I drink it alone or do I need to add milk and sugar to it?

The mere thought of drinking it alone discourages people a lot. However, you may not be able to fully enjoy the benefits of green tea (as we stated here >>> ) by adding milk and sugar to it. 

Be that as it, I am excited to inform you that you need not be discouraged any more about drinking green tea. Below are any of the 3 things you can add to your green tea to begin to enjoy it like never before. I started one amongst them of recent and I kept asking myself why I didn't know about it sooner. *Smiles* 
You can now enjoy drinking your green tea by the below to it:
1) Lime

Yes dear, green tea and lime. I recently started taking these two together and I just don't know why I didn't know about it sooner. I usually squeeze mine into my cup of green tea. The aroma coupled with the taste is heavenly. Trust me. 

We established the health benefits of taking lime here >>>  now combine that with the 16 secrets about green tea you never knew of  (link above on the benefits of green tea) I bet the rest is history. *Smiles*

2) Lemon


Don't worry, a post will be published on lemon soon. But be rest assured that you aren't doing it wrong by taking lemon with green tea. 

3) Honey

A post will also be published soon about honey but please know that you can't go wrong with honey not to talk of drinking honey with green tea. *Yummy*

I hope the above list helped?

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  1. Really nice,please recommend some green tea for weight loss.thanks chi.

    1. No brand in particular dear. But you can try getting organic green tea.


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