Monday, 28 September 2015

Amazing Ankara Designed Shoes And Bags


One great truth about life is that, when people are innovating/inventing things or creating something out of nothing or ‎doing something no one thought it was possible or even imagined, no one should interrupt them. 

We have already established what anakra means here (). Now for people to think outside the box and design shoes and bags with these amazing materials is really innovating, inspiring and mind blowing. These shoes/bags do stand out and are of course extremely unique.  These shoes can be worn to all places aside from the corporate environment (depending on where you work). But the bags can be carried to every and any occasion. 

Below are pictures of amazing bags and shoes designed or created using ankara. I hope you get inspired to dress, look and feel like the queen that you are on them. ENJOY!

Be Inspired To Dress And Feel Beautiful
Be Inspired To Dress, Feel And Look Like A Queen

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  1. I have actually read a lot of your blog posts in the last hour. I really enjoy what you are doing here. (And as a writer of fantasy novels, I'm enjoying looking at different aspects of that when you go through them in blog post). And truly, I love world-culture building.
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  2. Dear Mom/Sir,
    I’m writing to apply for the position of fashion designer( shoes& bags).
    For as long as I can remember , fashion has always

    been a major part of my life, allowing me to stay one step ahead of

    trends and keep my eye out for new ,up-and- coming designs .

    Fatemeh Amiri.


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