Monday, 28 September 2015

All Black Everything: Men And Women


Before I start I would really love to say that I am so sorry for not publishing a post on Friday and Saturday...things beyond my control happened. I am truly sorry.

Now, we all know the colour black. We have inspired each other on nude colour being the new black (here ) on looking like royalty in black and white for men, women and even on home interior designs (please find links to that below this post). We even went further to inspire each other about looking and feeling like the Kings and Queens that we all are on ALL WHITE (), but today we will be inspiring ourselves on ALL black everything

Black is a unique colour. Black is one colour that goes with everything. We earlier established here () when we inspired ourselves on adding a pop of colour to our outfit however be that as it may, you can't go wrong on an all black outfit. Be it to work, to a formal or an informal event. There is just this regal sense on people who style their outfits right with the colour black.

Rather than continue I hope pictures will do more of the talking
I hope you get inspired to dress, look and feel like the queens and kings that you are on all black...enjoy!

Be Inspired To Dress And Feel Beautiful
Be Inspired To Dress, Feel And Look Like A Queen
Be Inspired To Dress, Feel And Look Like A King

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