Wednesday, 30 September 2015

25 Published Posts I Really Love

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There are over 630 posts published on this blog thus far but this not to say that I do not love them all. On the contrary, I am emotionally attached to all my posts and when I say this blog inspires me and you, I am not lying. Every post published on this blog has in one way or the other inspired me that's why when people saw oh! She has more than one niche, I smile and say... my niche is inspire.

Yes...Inspiration. Inspiration about about life, fashion, lifestyle and discoveries about the world because I am not just inspiring people, I am inspiring myself.

That said, like a writer or movie/song producer loves all his/her works but loves some more, below are 25 posts I really love because of how I was inspired me to write them. I hope you love them and mostly importantly draw inspirations from them:
1) Should a girl keep her virginity before marriage or not? Let's talk > 

2) The number one factor as to why many detest their lives, passion, goals & vision > 

3) Am I good enough for the one I love? > 

3) How to handle a break-up (updated) > 

4) a) What to do before, during & after a first date (Ladies) > 
    b) What to do before, during & after a first date (Men) > 

5) Fall in love with yourself  > 

6) The side effects of drinking cold/ice water > 

7) 16 secrets about green tea you never knew of > 

8) Making a big difference with a pop of colour >  

9) Wearing leopard effortlessly- Part A (Men) > 

10) Wearing leopard effortlessly- Part B (Women) > 

11) Why you need to squat more >  

12) How to prepare joll of rice the Nigerian way > 

13) World happiest animal > 

14) Shocking albino creatures > 

15) Animals like you've never seen before: 12 transparent animals > 

16) The amazing wonder of God can be seen in this pink lake > 

17) I hate my job! >  

18) Why you need to eat sushi more > 

19) Owning your true beauty > 

20) The sad truth...the irony of life > 

21) The Holy Spirit, the source of every great inspiration > 

22) You are a miracle! > 

23) The mystery behind prayer > 

24) What does LIFE really mean to you? > 

25) 12 Exquisite Colour Blocking Home Interior Designs

I hope you were inspired by this post? If you were, please do share with others to inspire them too. 

To get inspired by more posts about life, please do search this blog on this blog's search engine with the hashtag life e.g #Life or #Inspiration I hope you love and get inspired by what you find.

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  1. Have seen some of the post,will try and see the other blog post soon

  2. So many of them Chi. So many. And I love them all.
    Thanks for blessing us.

    1. I am glad you do dear. I hope you were inspired by them?


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