Wednesday, 16 September 2015

2 Stories That Will Change How You Think And React


Sometimes you think you have everything going for you and then life happens. Now what happens after life happens will either be a blessing or a curse based on how you respond or react. It can be in terms of your studies, health, family, career etc.

Below are 2 stories that will basically change how you think and how you react/respond to things. Be inspired as you read:

1) The beautiful lady above shared this mind-blowing story & testimony:

''I trust God because there's no other greater power than him. I'm 27 and I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The survival rate is about 14% with any stage. At one point it progressed, and spread to my intestines. They told me to prepare my affairs, and get everything together because I wouldn't see my next birthday. Standing firm on my faith in God, I got together with family and friends to pray. I said I wanted to be cancer free. It had spread by that time, but I didn't let that diminish my faith. I asked God if I could be cancer free before my birthday. We eventually took the scan tests, and they came back clear. And guess what, today's my birthday''.


Below is another story shared by this beautiful lady:

''I’d always been an overachiever. I graduated at the top of my class in high school. I got straight A’s. I got accepted into 14 of the 17 colleges that I applied to. But when I got to Harvard, everyone around me was just as smart or smarter. My grades fell, and suddenly I was no longer exceeding expectations. All that external validation that I’d become accustomed to suddenly stopped. And I crumbled. I felt lost.

I learned that I hadn’t formed an identity beyond making people proud of me. So I left school for a while and took a hard look at my life. I learned to cope with failure. I learned that it was OK to rely on other people and ask for help. Eventually I went back and graduated. I’m still not exactly sure who I am. But I’m working on it.”

...Sometimes, you just have to say what you want from God and stand  by it no matter if the odds seem to be against you because one way or the other it will become a reality. 
And to get ahead in life, you have to understand that to fail is okay as long as you don't see yourself as a failure and as long as you keep trying. Above all, there is a reason why you are not the only person on earth. This means that God created others to assist us in one way or the and vice versa. We all need people to survive.  

How do you see the stories above? Can you in any way relate to these stories? Did these stories make you see things from a clearer and lighter view?

Please share your response with us.

Be Inspired. 

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