Saturday, 29 August 2015

Ever Seen A Spanish Dancer Jelly Fish Before?


A post on discoveries is long over due. We are back to inspiring each other to love and also to appreciate the beauty in God's creations. Because no matter how many things we know about the creations of God, our knowledge of God and His creations are just like a grain of rice in a full bag of rice. 

The above is the picture of a Spanish Dancer Jelly Fish. In all of your existence, would you have ever thought or believed that a dancing jelly fish ever existed not to talk of seeing it?
God in all His wisdom is beyond amazing. His creations are beyond beautiful. It is such a magnificent honour to discover little by little the wondrous things God has created in its glory.  

Be Inspired To Love And Appreciate The Beauty In God's Creations

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  1. Beautiful. Was expecting to see the dancing video.

  2. This is a piece of artwork, not a real creature. Save all of your "god" stuff for things that actually exist. You were had.


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