Monday, 3 August 2015

A Must Read By All Newly Weds And About To Wed Folks


This is one inspiring write-up about marriage that was shared by Samiah Oyekan Ahmed on Instagram and I thought the newly weds and about to be wed folks will learn a lot from it. I hope you get inspired by it. ENJOY!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm one of those unapologetic 'Ruths'. I'll be married 7yrs this month and I've been quite reflective. Some might say 'oh but you're still a baby at it' but hey, I still have something to share!

Everyone's experience is different just as with everything in life. But I find it VERY unfair when people who have had bad experiences wish the same on others, especially on young girls going into it with hope and excitement.

Dear young girls. Marriage is beautiful. It's fun and exciting and it can be anything you want it to be. But you have to play your part.

My first advice is you need to hand it back to God. This very special gift He has granted you! Just tell Him, we want You to handle it for us so we don't mess it up! Follow His guidance and even on bad days you'll have a testimony to share!

Secondly, stop trying to change your man! It won't happen! If he's not what you would like in some aspects, focus on the aspects he's excellent at! A kind, responsible man trumps a romantic unfaithful one for example. 

COMMUNICATION. Learn to express how you feel! Never bottle things up. They fester. But remember that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Approach is key!
Never ever EVER lose your identity and just become Mrs X. There are certain traits that attracted you to your man, nurture them. Give him ample reasons to respect you.

Be an asset and not a liability. It's Ok to bring something to the table! Support your man even if he doesn't need it. And do so with respect. 
Never go a day without praying over your marriage and all it entails. And never forget to be grateful.
Challenges will come, fights will happen, you will sometimes want to box his ears, but remember challenges come to help you get stronger. Just like you need an exam to be promoted in school, sometimes you need a challenge to take you to a higher level in marriage!

Just a few things I have learnt. I am still learning, but I love the journey I'm on and who I'm on it with!

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  1. Newly married and about to marry pls take note....God made the man head for a reason lol


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