Monday, 3 August 2015

A Crazy Faithful God By Heather Lindsey


When you talk about faithful, no one can surpass or has surpassed God's faithfulness. Below is an inspiring story by Heather Lindsey. After you finish reading, you don't have a choice than to smile and say ''this too will pass and it will end in praise''. 

I hope as you read you get inspired to trust God and believe that He is ever in control. ENJOY! 

This photo popped up in my newsfeed & it brought back a flood of memories. 4 years ago today, we were having a miscarriage because of a blighted ovum after a dear friends wedding. I went from being a bridesmaid in her wedding to finding the nearest hospital & me & Cornelius Lindsey spent the night in the ER before catching our flight home. We were so frustrated & wondered.. Why us, Lord?! We just want a baby. Must we deal with so many tests? And, 4 years later & 2 babies later I learned to trust God when I didn't understand. Things didn't always work out perfectly but Gods plans always trump what I think I need. It wasn't the season for children & I couldn't force Gods hand. So, after this night, I became determined to flow with God, whether I understood or not. Being a Christian doesn't mean you're perfect or life is perfect. It means that you're saved by the perfect One who went through tribulations to save you. And, we get to share in those tribulations & spend eternity with Him. What an honor. He's faithful. #CrazyFaithful

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