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Who Becomes More Successful After School, Private University Or Public University Students? Let's Talk

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Welcome to another episode of In House Round Table Talk!
Many are of the opinion that it is a very terrible idea to school in a private university, that public universities are the best. While others are of the opinion that public universities are a no go area that private universities are a must go... and the list goes on and on.

People have different views of who becomes successful after school. Friends advicing friends or people advicing teenagers not to go to certain type of universities because many don't end up successful or those who go to certain types of universities ends up more successful than others. 

This makes many who are in certain type of universities feel less worthy or makes many teenagers want to quit their dreams of gaining admission into certain types of schools. 

The question now is Who Becomes More Successful After School, Private University Or Public University Students? This episode is aimed at inspiring teenagers in making decisions
on the schools they should go and to follow their dreams.

My View On This Topic-
To me, the type of school you go to or choose to go to is not a determining factor of how successful you can/will be in life if you decide not to be successful. 
There are many people who attended public universities and are very successful today while their are many people who attended private universities that are also very successful today. 

Many students pass through their schools but do not allow their schools pass through them. Tutors, lecturers or coaches do the best they can by teaching their students in the best way possible. It is now left for the students to implement what were taught and the words of advice given to them when they leave school. 

The truth is, no one can make a person successful or great in life if they choose not to be irrespective of the type of university they attended.

My views might be so different from yours and I am not here to judge anyone whatsoever. Your views will be totally respected. So my dear readers, I leave the comment section to you. Let's inspire ourselves and also our younger ones or teenagers all around the world. What is your view on this topic? Who Becomes More Successful After School, Private University Or Public University Students?

Please invite your friends to share their views too.

Be Inspired.

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  1. well i think it does not really matter the whether private or public like you said.... me i feel whoever wants to learn by GODS Grace will learn and majority of children in private schools belief its connections tho but majority in federal belief its by brains .....also the other way round my own conclusion doesn't matter the school as far as you've got the brains and especially GOD definitely he would connect you to a successful future

    1. Dear Anonymous, thank you for your view on this topic. It is greatly respected and appreciated.


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