Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Largest Rock In The World


Pictured above is Prince Williams and Kate Middleton standing in front of the largest rock world in the world. This rock is called Uluru and it can be found in Australia. People believe that it is is 700 million years old. 

I am still beyond amazed to say the least honestly. This is because we all know how a normal rock looks like, now compare it Uluru. I don't but every time we get to discover more things that God has created, there is just this great appreciation of who God is. 

I keep saying this ''our knowledge of God and the things He has created is like a grain of rice in a big bag of rice. I am truly happy and blessed that we have a section on this blog where we get to discover the beautiful things created by God and we get more inspired to love and appreciate the beauty in HIS creations.

Rather than continue, please find below pictures of how a normal rock looks like and also different angles of the world largest rock. I hope you get inspired. ENJOY!   
How rocks normally look

Uluru From Different Angles

Tourist climbing Uluru

Uluru Sun Set

Are the creations of God not a beauty to behold? 

Be Inspired To Love And Appreciate The Beauty In God's Creations

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