Friday, 17 July 2015

My Weight Loss Journey: Before And After Green Tea



I felt like sharing my weight loss journey with you to inspire us all that you can get back your body and have the type of body you have always wanted. Cos in the end, when it comes to your weight and body, you are in charge. 

This is me, on the same outfit 11 months later. The picture on the left was taken January 2014 while the picture on the right was taken December 2014. 
I was inspired by my mum to start drinking green tea. I have always known about green tea since I was a child through my mum...she inspires me alot. But I gave green tea a try towards the ending of January 2014 because I am always concious of what I eat or drink and months later, I am still
in love with green tea.
My After Fuller Picture

Though the picture on the right was taken December 2014, I started noticing little changes in my body has regards my weight a month later. Aside from drinking green tea, I was more concious of what I ate. There are days I set aside for my cheat day (please find a post on that here >>> ). Exercises weren't left out, I love squats (please do find a post on that here >>> ) so I did that often, water also became my best friend through inspirations from my mum (please find a post on that here >>> ).

I really don't joke with green tea. Aside from it helping in your weight loss journey, there are other 15 things it does (please do find that here >>> ). It is called ''green tea'' because everything about it is natural. 
The green tea challenge is still on (please find a post on that here >>> ). We are in Day 12 of the green tea challenge. I am a living proof that green tea works, I hope you will be too? I can't wait to start hearing your beautiful and inspiring stories.  

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  1. babe did u say eleven months??? wow it's really mind blowing, just like in holywood movies! ama buy packs of green tea asap

  2. Thank you dear.
    Please do get yours, you will sure be amazed of the outcome.

  3. Wow. What a beauty to behold. You would have shown to us a fuller picture Ms Chi.
    You are so beautiful. Your old weight wasn't even obvious.
    Me I don't need it oo. I even wanna add weight.
    Well done.

  4. Awesome works. Some of them really inspiring, but other are not some much to take a look
    Very nice! Thanks for sharing this post

  5. Green tea is a herb which contains caffeine but in comparison to coffee and other types of tea, it has a lesser level but carries a very incredible level of antioxidant that making your health fit & perfect, if you have using ayurvedic its a added advantage to have.

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