Wednesday, 29 July 2015

If You Doubt True Love, Then You Haven't Met This Couple...Be Prepared To Get Really Emotional


This is one story that proves that true love exist no matter what people say, think or believe! Love indeed conquers all and it really never all about beauty because there is always more to beauty (please find more on that here >>> )

Meet Michael Hoskin and his girlfriend Turia Pitt. In 2011, Turia Pitt was involved in a bushfire where 80% of her body got burnt including her beautiful face. Four fingers from her left hand and right thumb were amputated. 

This didn't for once stop Michael from being madly in love with his girlfriend. When Turia was still been treated in the intensive care unit 4 years ago was when Michael burnt her wedding ring waiting for the right time to propose.  

Below are pictures of Turia before the accident, after the accident and the couple now:
Before the fire accident

After the accident

The couple now

Love conquers all things.

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  1. Wow he really is in love with her.....this is the kinda man we need in this world.! She was soo beautiful

    1. True love at its peak. She is still beautiful dear.

  2. Wow!! I don't even know if I can love like this.. God please help me


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