Friday, 17 July 2015

Friday Inspirations: THE MAN IN THE PICTURE By The Ace Comedian Alibaba


This write-up was shared by the ace comedian Alibaba on Instagram and it really caught my interest so much tat it explains the post we published here >>>  about men and socks in a border light. And since we are all about inspiring men to dress, look and feel like Kings that they truly are, this write-up is a MUST READ.
I hope you get inspired. ENJOY!

''I came upon this picture today and couldn't help to see how history had been turned on its head. So I had to highlight a few things many may have missed.
1) The reversed role where a white person is attending to a black man's shoe. And it looks like it is a woman doing it. If this is true then it is very insightful.
2) That you are black doesn't stop you from being informed.
3) Being dressed is one thing, being trendy is another...But a classy combination never fails.
4) A gentleman doesn't wear mohawk (sic). Get a haircut.
5) Grooming is essential to every man.
6) Don't let anyone tell you anything different, you can be black and successful.
7) If you work hard, white people will respect you and you will inspire other black men.
8) Men should stop wearing those half socks. Your calves are not supposed to show!!! Unless you are wearing traditional outfits.
9) When you sit down, undo the button of your suit.
10) Be financially smart. Get educated about your finances and the dynamics or factors that controls it.
11) Read. Read. Read.
12) Leave colour riots for rock stars. Make sure you combine your outfit well.
13) A man's shoes does say a lot about him. And how he cares for them will you about his person.
14) You don't have to be on the phone all the time. Even if you can read the news on your phone, try to read hard copies of newspapers once in a while.
15) Exude confidence whether you are sitting or standing. Don't slouch. Let me stop here and give you time to look at the picture again.

Be Inspired

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