Friday, 24 July 2015

Friday Inspirations: Celebrating Talents Episode 8: Too Real To Be True Drawings By Kevin Okafor


When you talk about gifts/talents God has blessed each and everyone of us with it/them. It is now left to us to discover our talent (s), develop them and blossom with it/them. And don't worry, soon your talent will be celebrated on this blog by God's grace. 

Today in our episode 8 of celebrating talents in our Friday Inspirations forum, we will be celebrating Kevin Okafor's (pictured above) amazing gift of drawing. He is @kOkaforart on twitter

We have celebrated many talents (please find links to them at the end of this post) on this blog and were so inspired and mind blown by them. Today's episode will leave you speechless because the drawings look too real to be called drawings.  

Rather than continue, be prepared to be in awe, amazed, speechless and above all inspired. ENJOY!

Be Inspired

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  1. His truly gifted,pictures looking so real.

    1. As in... so real dear.
      Indeed there are great talents in this world.


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