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Friday Inspiration:Making Good Use Of What You Have By @CameronCelina


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Life Aspect

Poverty is not a state of being poor but a state of no ideas.  Many say they don't have enough money to take care of their families but in the actual sense they don't have the idea on how to make money. Many people are rich in ideas but not rich in actual sense, just like many people are rich in real life but have no ideas on how to use their money
The way GOD created everyone with  talent is the same way everyone is entitled to an idea, its just left for you to discover what you want and make good use of what you have. You obviously can't do it without GOD you know?
If you want your ideas to become a reality, you then need divine wisdom directly from God to bring it to light.  And if you have the wisdom then there is nothing in this life you can't go through, there is nothing you dream about you won't get . well except GOD is protecting you from it. 

Fashion Aspect

Now this is just the part everyone is getting wrong. Many people have the most expensive clothes, shoes and everything fashionable but there is no single sense of style. It's so sad to see a woman with accessories that worth millions of dollars or so much but dresses like a mad woman
Then you see another woman with the cheapest outfits but looks like a queen... Men don't really have problem with that because just with shirt and a pair of trousers, they are fine. 

You don't need to own the whole boutique before you have a sense of style. You can have just 10 outfits and great style falls back on idea...on how to really some people needs prayer to earn fashion sense
Academic Aspect 

I don't like this part but have to tell you, sometime in school we all had that one classmate that gets first position constantly, and believes they are better than you in everything. But if you watch closely they aren't... there is a always a big difference between being brilliant, intelligent smart and just cramming. 

Intelligence  has been defined in many different ways such as in terms of one's capacity for logic, abstract thought, understanding, self-awareness, communication, learning, emotional knowledge, memory, planning, creativity and problem solving.

Brilliance is just the ability to apply intelligence, exceptional talent or upgraded intelligence, to recall what was learnt with great understanding.

Smartness is just the best. It's the ability to learn everything easier. It is the ability to learn quickly ..and ability to apply what is learnt and also ability to apply intelligence. 

Cramming on the other hand is just absorbing without understanding in order to achieve.... but most first positions aren't smart they are just intelligent and cram alot  and most weirdos in class that people underestimate are actually smart but have no idea who they are... like I said before you need idea for everything ...and idea is divine....from GOD

Always make use of what you have...never underestimate your ideas. Be Inspired

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