Monday, 27 July 2015

Ashamed Of God?


The world we live in today is being taken over by civilization. Everybody wants to belong. Everybody wants to be accepted. 
Are you ashamed to pray, praise and worship God, study the word (the bible), talk about God or go to church cos of what others will say or think?

One question, is God ashamed to wake you up in the morning? Is God ashamed to watch over you when you are fast asleep? Is God ashamed to give you shelter over your head? Is God ashamed to rescue you when you are/were in trouble? Is God ashamed to give you life or peace?... The list goes on and on. The obvious answer is NO, right?

So if God is not ashamed to do so many things beyond what you ever could ask of Him everyday, why then are you or will you be ashamed of Him? Why will you be ashamed of a someone who loves you beyond what love really means? Is it because of what people say or will say?

Look around, everything points to one fact and prove, is that there is God. The life you have inside of you is the breathe of God. Don't let God be ashamed of you and withdraw His breathe from you. Which is worse? Not to believe in God and die to find out that He exist and is very much real Or believe in God and then discover He didn't exist when you die? 

Those that influences your being scared of God are they the source of your life? Are they your source of peace, blessings, joy etc? Are they the source of your healing and so much more? The answer obviously is NO right?
Don't you feel it is high time you stopped being ashamed of God and everything He entails cos of what people will say and start living completely for God? 

God is never and will never be asamaed of you so please beautifully people, do not be asamed of od.

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  1. Am not ashamed of God and he is never ashamed of me too.

    1. I am so happy to know that you are not ashamed of God dear Paul.
      I am pleased to let you know that God isn't ashamed of you too.

  2. I'm proud of God


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