Monday, 20 July 2015

An Easy Guide On How To Cook Okro Soup


So I prepared Okro soup yesterday and I thought to myself ''what best time than now to inspire us on how to cook okra soup?'' I get really excited whenever I cook okro or even sight it. The same joy I derive whenever I cook joll of rice (a recipe on that here >>> ) is the same joy I derive whenever I cook this delicious soup.

Ingredients needed:
- Okro (in the quantity you want).
- Palm oil
- Blended onions (only little is needed lto enhance its taste)
- Crayfish (grinded/blended)
- Fish (I prefer smoked fish but any kind of fish is ok)
- Chicken/beef (if you choose)
- Salt
- Sliced fresh pepper or grinded pepper
- Maggi and any other seasoning you desire
- Sliced Vegetables

An Easy Guide On How To Cook Okro Soup 
- First thing first, wash your okro. After washing them, put them in a bowl and start cutting them into small pieces or you can use a grater if you choose.

P.S- When it comes to okro, I love putting everything in at once since it is one soup that doesn't take time to cook.

- So, you put your okro in a pot, add moderate quantity of water, your fresh pepper/grinded pepper (I love adding little grinded and some sliced pepper because sliced pepper helps beautify the soup),then add your grinded cray fish, salt, maggi, palm oil (remember we are trying to live healthy so only a moderate quantity will be added), fish, your chicken or beef (more that here >>> ) stir and leave to boil for 15 to 18 minutes.
- Then add your already washed and sliced vegetables into the pot for 2 minutes, stir and VIOLA! Your soup is ready.

Food is ready!

P.S- You can eat your okro soup with semo/pounded yam, eba or fufu.  

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  1. Bia this fine girl, so you prepared such a yummy food and choose to eat alone abi? lol instead you choose to make matters worse by posting it here for mua to salivate ehh kwa lol.....nice one dear

    1. Lol. Thank you dear.
      Don't worry with the guide above, I believe you will be able to prepare same. *wink*

  2. I don't like this guild jare. If you are using beef or chicken, it won't be well cooked with this method. Thanks all the same. I love to cook and I'm a great one at that.

    1. I love using fish to cook mine.
      But that's why we are here to inspire one another dear. You can share how you cook yours, let us learn from each other and inspire one another.


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