Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Most Patient Job On Earth


Patience is one of the hardest things to do. In patience, there is hope. In patience, there is vision of a greater tomorrow.

Every job requires patience. From when you enter as a trainee in an organisation to a professional, patience, hope, hard work and God's grace are the key words that move from one level to another. However, there is no job on earth that requires more patience than being a parent.

Every level or stage of being a parent requires patience. Is it from being pregnant with a child? Or being told that you are about to be a father? The wait... The eagerness to hold your child... 1 month passes, 2 months, 6 months... the child isn't yet forward to 9 months later, the wait is over.
One phase of patience has been conquered. Now unto the next phase...

Being a baby... Patience on waiting for when your child will grow teeth... The pain experienced when growing teeth can be excruciating. The process of being patient a parent has to go through to when the pain reduces till when the pain ceases finally.
The wait for when the child starts to crawl, walk with support and finally walk on his own.

The patient of having your child go to school from Kindergarten to Nursery to Primary to Secondary school to University and being able to stand on his/her own two feet without needing any form of support.
In between all these times, the patient a parent has to go through when his/her child is ill. The patient of going through the recovery process. The patient of seeing your child heart broken from one or two life experiences and he/she been able to recover from it/them.

Being disrespected by your children but being patient that they will come back to their senses. The patience of having your children be in a relationship which advances to marriage, then being a grand mother or father and then another phase of patience is embarked upon...

No matter how one choose to see it, the hardest but most rewarding job on earth is being a parent...The tears, the laughter, the joy, the struggle, the reward... The reward of being a parent is priceless.

Anyone you know who is a parent or is about to be parent should not only be respected but also appreciated. One can be good at all the jobs he/she chooses to embark on in life but if he/she fails on the most important job on earth which is being a parent, then he/she has ... fill in the gap.

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  1. wow this is really inspiring........@ Chidinma are u a parent yet? if yes then you must be doing great, but if No then u really gonna be a great parent.

  2. Lmao my parents dey try o

  3. Wow parents really are priceless ....what det go through with their children alone sef! all the children out there....please dont be dont know what it takes to be a parent and what great pain it takes to ensure your fine

    1. Dear Anonymous, I am glad you were inspired by this post and thank you or the words of advice.


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