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Step By Step Guide On How To Prepare Plantain Porridge


There are two foods I so much love to cook and they are plantain porridge and joll of rice (please find here >>>  a post on how to prepare it). These 2 foods are foods that I vet so be excited to cook even if you wake me up from sleep. Lol 

This forum of us (men and women) helping and inspiring each other on how to cook or learning food recipes on food to cook started here >>>  because let's be honest eating out can be quite expensive...though there is nothing wrong to spoil yourself once in a while and enjoy a good cooked meal out right? But it shouldn't be a regular thing. 

That said, we saw here >>>   reasons why we need to eat unripe plantains more tan we eat ripe plantains and I also promised to teach us how to cook plantain porridge. So here it is. *Smiles* 

Step By Step Guide On How To Prepare Plantain Porridge :
Ingredients needed:
-Unripe Plantains
- Palm oil
- Sliced vegetables (if you choose)
- Maggi
- Onions (for garnishing and to enhance the taste of the food)
- Salt
- Pepper (grinded pepper and fresh pepper)
- Crayfish
- Fish (dried fish or smoked fish or fresh fish) or a grilled meat (a post on that here>>> )

How To Prepare Plantain Porridge:
- Wash the plantains... that is the required amount you need. 
- Peel the back of the plantains. Unripe plantains are pretty hard to peel so you have to be careful so that you don't hurt yourself.
- After you are done peeling, slice them little by little. The smaller they are, the better they taste (To me though).
- Then put the sliced plantains into a bowl of water to was them again. When you are done, transfer them into your pot.
- Add water to your plantains. Ensure that the water is a little above the plantains.
- Put your pot on fire and start adding your ingredients. 
- Add palm oil to your plantain. Remember we are trying to stay healthy, so a moderate amount will do. 
- Add your grinded pepper (little quantity because you will still put your fresh pepper). Slice your fresh pepper and also add it to your plantain. 
P.S- I add fresh pepper to make my plantain porridge for it to appear beautiful and to enhance the taste. Fresh pepper have this lovely taste it adds to food. 
- Add your grinded crayfish to your plantain.
- Slice your onions to the quantity you want in your food. 
- Add your salt and maggi.
- Few minutes before your plantain porridge is ready add your fish or grilled meat to your food. 
- Wait 2 or 3 minutes before your food is ready, add your sliced vegetables (after you have washed them well). This is because we are also trying to eat the nutrients from the vegetables that is why we do not need to allow them for long because the longer they stay on fire the more the nutrients are destroyed. 
- Stir till it becomes tick and viola your food is ready!


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