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Should A Lady Change How She Was Created To Look More Beautiful? Let's Talk

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Welcome to another episode of In House Round Table Talk! Today's discussion is somewhat a controversial topic.

We live in a world were everyone or most people or should I say most of us  yearns for perfection. Everyone want to look perfect by all means not minding if it will cost them their lives. 

This can mainly be seen amongst young girls/ladies or women as a whole. Everyone wants to look a certain type of way; have bigger breasts, wider hips, fuller lips, thinner waists, pointed nose and the list goes on and on. Celebrities are now idolised and it is now ''every girl's'' dream to look like them.  

This episode is aimed at inspiring young girls/ladies and even our younger sisters who are been pressurised to look certain type of way or to change how they look to feel accepted or to feel loved by who they are in love with or by society as a whole. 

So beautiful people, let's hear your (both boys and girls, guys and ladies, men and women) views on this topic. Don't worry, I will share my views with you too okay?

My View
I am of the opinion that, since no one is perfect, we are all bound to be insecure about our looks one way or the other. We just have to own our imperfections and fall in love with ourselves by loving the way we look and how we were created (Please see post on Am I Good Enough For The One I Love? here>>>  for more inspiration on this topic). 

To look beautiful, we have to first of all feel beautiful inside and out and to do that, we have to fall in love with who we are. That said, I feel that one may alter how they look when there are deformities involved because we have to always be thankful for how we were created by God. 
If one tries to change how they look to be more beautiful and don't make it alive or along the line starts having one or two complications, would it have been worth it? 

I feel you don't have to change how you look to feel or look more beautiful because you are extremely beautiful just the way you are. The person who is meant to love you will love everything about you even those things you hate about yourself. 

My views might be so different from yours and I am not here to judge anyone whatsoever. Your views will be totally respected. So my dear readers, I leave the comment section to you. Let's inspire ourselves and also our younger ones or ladies and women out there. What is your view on this topic? Should a lady change how she was created to look more beautiful? 

Please invite your friends to share their views too.

Be Inspired.

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