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Reasons Why You Need To Eat Unripe Plantain More Than You Eat Ripe Plantain


Plantains in general either ripe or unripe are like bananas but are larger than bananas in size and are cooked as food. Plantains are rich in calcium which gives us strong teeth, bones and nails, fiber and Vitamin C, Vitamin A and potassium more tan bananas do. 

Unripe plantains have this neutral like taste, that is, it is neither bitter nor sweet while ripe plantains have this very sweet taste. Plantains are mostly eaten in Africa, West Africa to be precise. Ripe plantains are mostly eaten fried (you can see more about it here >>>  where it was used as an example of a cheat day meal).

Africans or should I say Nigerians do not joke with fried ripe plantains which is called dodo. People occasionally run away from fried unripe plantain or unripe plantain as a whole because of its none bitter nor sweet taste.  It is however VERY sweet when cooked as porridge (recipe coming up soon).
Now let's look at reasons why we need to stop running away from unripe plantain and why we need to eat it more compared to how we eat ripe plantains

The green plantain is the unripe one while the yellow is the ripe one 

1) Do you know that unripe plantain helps you lose your belly fat and it also helps you lose weight fast which is the complete opposite when it comes to ripe plantain especially the fried ones?

2)  Do you know that the eating of unripe plantain helps reduce the sugar intake and content in our bodies compared to ripe plantain that adds sugar to the body which is bad for our health?

3) Do you know that unripe plantain is a great meal recommendation for diabetic patients but that's not the case for ripe plantains because of the availability of sugar content in it? 

4) Do you know that unripe plantain contains iron which is used to convey oxygen to the tissue which is not the case for ripe plantain.

P.S- Rather than opt for frying your plantain (s), you can grill it/them. This is where eating oven cooked food comes in (here >>>  is a post on what you did not know about oven cooked foods). 

With the above mentioned, I hope you have seen why you need to eat unripe plantain more? 

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