Wednesday, 24 June 2015

It Is Not All About Beauty!


We live in a world where everyone is beauty obsessed.

Some ladies/women focus on having a ''sexy'' body, being beautiful, having their hair done and the rest which by the way there is nothing wrong with. As a lady, if you don't take care of yourself and fall in love with yourself, no one will. 
However, many focus more on being beautiful. Many believe tat beauty is all one needs to make it in life...which is wrong. 

Some men are focused on being bodily built, having 6 packs, having a nice hair cut, a nice shave and the rest of it, which there is also nothing wrong with. If you don't fall in love with yourself who will?

Many are of opinion that ''if their husbands is not handsome or tall or well built or fair in complexion or has 6 packs, that they  won't marry him. I of course need to give birth to beautiful and handsome children and the list goes on and on...Same thing goes with some men. ''My wife must have figure 8, my wife must be beautiful, my wife must be this and that''.

But the question is:

Does having 6 packs or figure 8 or being handsome or beautiful or fair in complexion make one a good husband/wife?
Does it pay the bill?
Does it put food on the table?
Does all these equate to having a good character?
Does all these add value to you in terms of, does it make you better than you were before you met him/her... Values like wisdom (becoming wiser) and intellectual intelligent to your relationship and to you as a whole?
Does it make the man or woman a good father or mother?
Why are you really with the person? Is it because of their beauty of because of who they are?
If something happens to the person's beauty tomorrow, does that mean you will leave the person for another?
Does having a beautiful or handsome partner gives you the assurance that your relationship or marriage will work?

And the end, we get to see and understand that there is more to being beautiful and handsome. There is more to being with a handsome or a beautiful partner. When we look at all these things, we get to see that beauty in itself is just a bonus because beauty is not a guarantee that a person is a good individual with a good character. 

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  1. i don't know ooo, but me am married to a beautiful good wife joor! one can still be pretty and got amazing quality lol


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