Saturday, 6 June 2015

Inspiration For The Month: It Will End In Praise!


Before I start, I will really love to apologise for not putting up the Inspiration For The Month in May. I am sincerely sorry. I have explained the reason why I wasn't able to here >>> 

This month's Inspiration For The Month is ''It Will End In Praise!''
What is that thing you are believing God for or working on and you are so scared of what the outcome will be?
Is it your final result as a student or you graduating?
Is it your wedding/marriage?
Is it giving birth safely?
Is it getting a new job/a job?
Is it winning that contract?

Is it promotion?
Is it you getting your visa?
Is it you getting that acceptance letter in the school of your choice?
Is it owning your own home?
Is it...?

Whatever it may be, always have it at the back of your mind that, God will make all your heart desires end in praise. Even when it doesn't look like it or when there seem to be a storm or when you feel all hope is lost, in this month of June, everything will end in praise. Amen

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