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If You Were This Woman, Would You Break Up With Your Fiancé Cos Of This? Let's Talk

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It's Tuesday and you know what that means? It is time for In House Round Table Talk! It is a forum on this blog where we discuss, argue in love and air our views on a particular topic with the main aim of inspiring, educating and learning from one another.

Today's In House Round Table Talk is a very interesting one. I want you to relax as you read this story, afterwards, please do tell us what you will do. Don't worry, I will share with you want I will do too. 

An Intruder visits a guy and his fiancée he is about to marry and after robbing them, he hands his gun over to the lady and tells her to shoot her fiancé is she doesn't want to die but she refuses on account of her love for her future husband... The thief smiled, took the gun from her and gave it to the guy
and told him to shoot the lady if he doesn't want to die. He fearfully pulled the trigger, but there was no bullet in the gun. The robber  smiled , took back the gun and told the lady to decide if what exists between her and her fiancé is really 'LOVE', then he left.

The lady was disappointed at her fiancé and immediately she left, the guy  began to plead.
The question now is this, if you were this woman, will you break up with your fiancé cos of this? 

Let's hear your views on this topic. If you are guy, would you advise your sister to stay with this man after this? If you are a woman, assume this happened to you, what would you do? Let's learn, educate and inspire one another. 

My View
Honestly, I feel this is something you shouldn't give a second thought to. Because, if the gun was loaded, the guy would have pulled the trigger at that spot. 

You chose to marry someone because you are deeply in love with that person and you will never want to do anything to hurt them cos it will be more like hurting yourself and of course, no one intentionally hurts themselves. So if the guy could pull the trigger because he was scared of his life... I am of the opinion that he never really loved her in the first place. 

This is my view on this topic though. My views might be so different from yours and that is why we are here to share our views and learn from each other. Your views will be greatly respected and appreciated. 
So beautiful people, I leave the comment section to you. Let's inspire ourselves and others out there. What is your view on this topic? 

Please invite your friends to share their views too.

Be Inspired.

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  1. Well it's a no brainer, though i might forgive him, but i will surely walk away for good......plus it's wiser to try shooting the robber with the same gun, then call the police and live happily with your husband afterwards lol think wisely

    1. Lol. Dear Anonymous, thank you for your view on this topic. It is greatly respected and appreciated.


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