Friday, 5 June 2015

Friday Inspirations: Mind Blowing Works Of Art Created By A Man With Cerebral Palsy


Look at this picture carefully, what can you see? A lion with a cub right? Would you believe that this picture was created from 10 typewriter symbols? I am beyond speechless. 

''Paul Smith was born in the 1920s with cerebral palsy, a serious condition that affects the brain. It limited his ability to speak and move. Back then, people with the condition didn’t have much of a life expectancy, and as a result, he was illiterate. When he turned 16, he learned to speak, and at 32 he learned to walk. But there’s one thing very particular about this man. At the age of 11 he started to create paintings using 10 symbols of an old typewriter''. 

He drew The Monlisa'' which happens to be the world's most priceless painting with a typewriter!!! I am speechless! Be Prepared To Be Mind-Blown By What You See As You Watch This Video:

Everyone has one unique gift bestowed on us by God. No one was ever born useless. 

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  1. who will say this GOD is not faithful!!!!.........but biko where is my talent

    1. He is ever faithful!
      You have a talent dear. We all do. Just keep putting it to God in prayers. He will surely reveal it/them to you.


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