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Friday Inspirations: THE RESULTS OF HUMILITY By Michael Ojo


Dear Michael Ojo, we are so happy to be inspired by you again.

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There is something amazing about the life of Jesus in His dealings with the multitudes. I discovered that whenever Jesus wants to feed the multitude, the first thing He does is to "INSTRUCT THEM TO
SIT DOWN" and most times they were asked to sit on the ground or grass as the case may be.

As I was searching through the scripture, I discovered that it takes humility to actually be blessed by God, infact our salvation came as a result of humility because IT TAKES HUMILITY TO ACCEPT THAT YOU'RE A SINNER AND BE READY TO ASK FOR FORGIVENESS (millions of people are yet to surrender to God because of pride).

I imagine a situation whereby those people that were instructed to sit on the  grass refused to do so, I am very sure they would have left the same way they came or a situation whereby one VIP is in their midst and he left offended with what Jesus said, he would have missed his own portion of the blessing and people would just go home to gist him about what happened but it would be late for him by then.

I will be sharing with us few virtues I discovered in the life of those multitudes.

(1) HUMILITY: Like I have said earlier, it takes humility to sit on the grass regardless of who you are. I'm sure there were instances whereby a man came with his wife and children and they both ended up sitting on the grass, the father did not say i won't be able to do this in the presence of my children, if he had done that he would surely
leave the same way he came.

(2) TOTAL OBEDIENCE: Also, it takes total obedience not to argue with Jesus. A funny thought came to my mind while I was studying the scripture this morning, I imagine that there might be somebody among the multitude that deals with "RENTAL (chairs, tables,etc)

''SERVICE", such person would have suggested to supply them with chairs instead of them sitting on the grass but that wasn't done,they just obeyed the commandment of Jesus and they were blessed. The fact is that if Jesus wanted them to sit on  a chair He would have gotten it with ease but he just want to drive out a point by asking them to sit on the grass.

(3) FAITH: This is the last but not the least point we would be discussing. It is even biblical that without Faith (Heb 11:6),we can't please God and it was also recorded that Jesus couldn't perform many miracle in His home town because of their unbelief (Matt 13:57-58).

A very strong factor that brought blessing to the life of those multitude is their"FAITH IN JESUS (son of God)".
They obeyed because they believed and their belief made them humble.


When you are humble to Jesus, not many things will happen to you but something very spectacular that will touch all aspect of your life will surely happen and it is that"YOU WILL BE SETTLED AT THAT VERY POINT OF YOUR NEED". The need of those multitude was always met because they did what? THEY SAT DOWN IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD and you know that in His presence there is fullness of joy.

To all the humble people in the house i congratulate you because your breakthrough is on the way.
Be informed that, when you approach God with faith, obedience and humility, your life will surely receive a turnaround.

With one voice, let's appreciate my one and only source(Jesus) by saying "THANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT".  For without Him, I can do/write nothing (John 15:5).

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  1. Wow! pardon me sir michael but your really an inspiration

  2. Thats what I call humility but uno its only takes the holyspirit to be in someone for humility to take place

    1. So true. It indeed takes the Holy Spirit to be humble.


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