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Elivna Ibru: A Classic Example Of How To Lose Weight


This story is a classic example of weight loss. Elivna Ibru is a living prove that anyone can go on a weight loss journey and come out looking and feeling better than ever. She previously weighed 210 kg which is 463 pounds but currently weighs 115 kg which is 254 pounds. This means she lost the total of 209 pounds. WOW!

Below is what she had to say in an interview she did with The Nation back in 2014 and also a picture of how she looks now in 2015. AMAZING!

 ''I think Gloria, my elder sister, started it. Initially, she was the biggest amongst us all. She started losing weight first. Then I was getting bigger by the day. So two years ago, after Gloria inspired me with her gradual weight loss, I started telling myself that I could do it too. I guess what eventually triggered it off was that I had been big all my life but I never had any sickness or illness. It got to a point when I was beginning to feel sluggish. 

Elvina with her sisters and Monalisa Chinda

I felt I was suddenly trapped in my own body. There were some things that I had always loved to do, but my body was just not responding. So I was asking myself, what was happening in my body? Also I was feeling little ache at my back, and I just had a little son. So I asked myself how I was going to be enjoying and playing with my little son when I could not even lift my body.

Elvina, Gloria and Monalisa

So it was not really about being prettier or being more beautiful that I lost weight. It was more about my health. Though I never had health challenges attached to my former weight.At my biggest, I weighed 210 kg and I am 5 feet 11. That is a very large person! 
But I didn’t have ailments like diabetes, cholesterol or hypertension except for the small ache at my back. I didn’t want a situation where I had to get to where I became unhealthy. So I had to nip in the bud, the overweight. I cannot now talk about my diet because I am not through yet. I still want to go down 16-20 more kg. That is the size I feel I should keep, not because that is what health experts say, but what I feel I want.

How she looks now

This is truly inspirational. If she could do it, I feel anyone can. Above all it takes determination, discipline and hard work to really achieve this. 

Be Inspired To Look And Feel Healthy. 

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