Wednesday, 10 June 2015

As A Lady, What Do I Really Want In A Relationship?


Every lady of course needs a great and a prosperous man in her life. However, not every lady wants to be part of the struggle of coming from grass to grace, in the believe that, ''I will not struggle with a him only for him to leave me for another or I can't struggle with anyone, I wasn't born to suffer''.

The funny thing is this, not all that glitters is gold because not everything is not as it seems. The man a lady tends to be eyeing who owns flashy cars, has large bank account (s) etc might not be what you have prayed to God for in a partner. He might not have the patience you crave for or an understanding heart or a listening ears etc. He might take you as a second option and his career first or something else might be his first option. He might disrespect you or not care for you and may not even love you.

Every little thing you do, these words will come out from his mouth ''are you with me cos of my money? Where were you when I struggled to have all that I have now? and the least goes on  and on.

However there are some men that will have it all and be very humble and be loving...Be that as it may, one thing about having a humble beginning is that tomorrow is pregnant and can be by far better than today and that is required is patience, determination and hard work.
Whoever that would have told Michelle Obama that she will be the first lady of the United States of America, she would have laughed at it and thought it might happen but with their present situation she and President Barack Obama are happened to be in at that time (they started from a humble beginnings) she would never have thought they will get this far.

The good news is that, the future is not far... It is just around the corner. But most times, we want things the fast and quick way which by the way isn't so bad but one question is, getting things the fast and easy way will it last forever? Will I be happy? Will a void be filled? Or will more voids be created?
The void of being in a loveless relationship will be created. The void of having to be taken as a possession or a thing rather than a person will be created. The truth is no matter how much millions and millions one has, there are certain things that money cannot do or even buy.

In the end it all boils down to this:
What do I really want?
Will I be joyful cos happiness lasts only for a moment or will I end up being sad?
Will I grow as a person mentally?
Am I here for the material things or for the priceless things?
Will I be loved and cared as a person and not as a thing?
Will I be number the one priority?
Am I worth sacrificing for? and the list goes on and on

With these questions, we tend to realise that yes, money is great but money really can't buy everything...

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  1. Very true Chidinma, there's a limit to what money can buy.......but it's even worse when one is in a broke and loveless relationship, that's double wahala lol


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