Monday, 29 June 2015

...And At The Appointed Time


It is a mystery and also beyond amazing knowing how things work when it as to do with God and His perfect timing.

Many atimes those prayers we feel God hasn't answered or we are of the opinion that He actually doesn't want to answer, are those prayers God has answered even before we finished praying or finished asking. He is just waiting for the perfect time or the appointed time to reveal the manifestation of our answered prayers to us.

Many might say, perfect time? But I need it now!!!
The thing is God works with time. God works with pattern. A perfect example can be seen in Jon 2:3-10:
Jesus attended a wedding in Cana of Galiee which is mother also happened to attend. The mother of Jesus knowing fully well that Jesus is God living in a human body came to Him to inform Him that the wedding has run out of wine.
He then said something very shocking. He said ''My our/time as not yet come''.  And at God's perfect and appointed time, He will give you more than what you asked for. The only question is, are we willing to trust His timing?

His mother did something amazing. She didn't murmur neither did she doubt Him or became sad, she immediately went to the servants and said ''whatsoever He said unto you, do it''. This is trust. Trust comes with understanding God's timing. Trusting God fastens/quickens His work.

Notice something spectacular? The time the mother of Jesus told Him about the wedding lacking wine was not far from when Jesus instructed the servants to fill the 6 water pots (John 2 vs 3-7).
Sometimes, God's time is not always far from when we asked of Him what we wanted. We most times are not always ready to hear the word ''wait''.

God doesn't work in the ways of man. He works in the ways of the the ways of the supernatural. He does things that in a million years to come, no man will ever say, ''I did it myself or I can do this same thing that God did ''.

Listen to this, when it is God's time to do what makes Him God, He ALWAYS work with things around or within us. For example, the 6 water pots. Jesus did not need to go buy some wine. NO! He created or made wine with what was present at the wedding.

When it was time for God to provide a wife for Adam, He created EVE from Adam.
When it was time for God to feed over 5000 people, He used 5 loaves of bread and two fishes to feed them and 12 full baskets remained (Matthew 14).
When it was the appointed time for Joseph's glory to manifest, God used what was inside Joseph...his gift of interpreting dreams to elevate him from a Prisoner to a Prime Minister.
God used what was inside David to crown him King. David was a shepherd boy but also a warrior... God trained him to be. A warrior who fought lions and bears to protect his sheep and at the appointed time, God gave David the strength to kill Goliath and this single act kicked off his journey to the throne.
Esther gave God herself, her humility, her obedience and at the appointed time, God used what she gave Him to ascend her to the throne.

No wonder Steve Harris said, give God something to work with. Give God your faith, your gift, your talent, your worship, your obedience, your  hard work etc and at God's appointed time, He will do that which only Him can do.
Just as God changed the water at the wedding to the best of wine ever made that the ruler of the feast had to say to the bridegroom, who waits till everyone is filled with the worst of wine before bringing out the best of wine?

God will change your story
God will turn your sorrow to joy
And at His appointed time, which is NOW, just like the way the name of Joseph was changed from Joseph the Prisoner to Joseph the Prime Minister and Esther the Orphan to Esther the Queen, get ready for God to surpass your expectations by changing your name to something you only thought will happen in your dreams.
...Be prepared to be amazed.

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  1. get ready for God to surpass your expectations by changing your name to something you only thought will happen in your dreams.........that reminds me the saying. ; If your dreams doesn't scare u, it a small dream! Almighty God is the master planner


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