Monday, 8 June 2015

A Web Browser Created By 2 Young Nigerian Brothers To Compete With Google Chrome


Meet Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime. They are from Nigeria. They are blood brothers. They are extraordinary teens. And they are impatient when technology does not work. 

The young duo recently became rather agitated when Google’s browser was taking too long to load onto their mobile phones,Google Chrome. This can be upsetting to any adult , teen or other. However, not many adults would have rectified the problem the way the 13 and 15 year old brothers decided to.
Instead of fire up their mobile phones to dial customer service at Google, they decided to just build an internet browser of their own. From there Crocodile Browser Lite 3.0 was born!

Anesi and Osine, forever precocious and curious, were reared by parents who have stressed high aspiration for their boys since birth. So, naturally, they think outside of the box. And when they can’t do so, they just build another box.

The ambitious boys declared they wanted to build their own technology company, when they were just 7 and 9 years of age. The kids were inspired by the Windows operating systems from Microsoft and figured that creating their own company was an absolute must. They did that. They call it “Blu Doors” and it’s still the name of their tech burgeoning empire today.

Today, at 13 and 15, the Ikhianosime brothers are pretty regular teenage Nigerian boys who love soccer and socializing with friends. Though, it’s safe to say that the brothers may love the game of coding even more. The boys are self-taught students in the art of coding. They obviously are ones who do not like to wait for others. Anesi and Osine took advantage of the free computer use at school and created their own coding curriculum. They used the school computers to log on to sites like Code Academy and Code Avenger, reading books like “Games for Dummies” and “Android for Game Development” to etch out the foundation of their new empire.

Their Crocodile Browser Lite 3.0 is a browser designed to help low end phones easily access the internet with no disruptions. Not everyone in the developing world can afford the latest super-cool smartphones we enjoy in the West. And those who can’t need browsers that work.

Their Crocodile Browser Lite 3.0 has already received a rush of downloads and will be available in the Google Play store this year. Show the young tech titans your love and support! Bookmark, and download. We wish the Nigerian tech teens, Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime all the luck in the world.

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These just shows us that we can do great and mighty things beyond what we ever thought of or even imagined if we can take a bold step and move out of our comfort zone. 

So what is that dream of yours or desire of us that you want to venture into? Just Start! Sometimes, it could just be an idea. An idea grows to become an EMPIRE with just one single thing, which is ACTION. 

If they can, you can and I know you will.

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  1. wow that's great......keep it up young tech teens

  2. Glad to read about this, looking it up now and downloading it straight away. Well done guys, sky is your starting point.


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