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What Really Is The Main Aim Of Education? Let's Talk

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People are in school for different reasons. Many times you get to find out that the reason A is in school is completely different from the reason why B is in school.
You hear many say, I am in school because I want to be rich tomorrow or I am in school because I want to have a job tomorrow or I am in school because my parents wants me to be in school or I am in school because that's what is expected of me or because my friends are in school so I have to be too or society wants me to be in school and the list goes on and on.

Many believe that there are business giants or celebrities who didn't need a school certificate to be who they are today, that they too can also forge ahead in life without having to go to school or without an education.

Education is considered as a thing or importance or necessity by many while to many it is just a waste of time. The question now is, what really is the main aim of education?

The main of this episode of In House Round Table Talk is to inspire people who feel like dropping out of schools is the best option or who feel like education is a waste of time or that they don't need an education to pursue their dreams.
My View Opinion

I am of the opinion that, education is a necessity in life. Many believe that business gurus/giants of today didn't have to have a school certificate before they are who they are today. The question is, what school did they drop out from?

Most of these business giants are drop outs from Harvard, Yale, Oxford etc... no one really enters these schools without having a HIGH IQ. Be that as it may, these people might have dropped out from school doesn't mean that they have stopped learning. Series of books in their fields are constantly read by them. Series of research are carried out by them.
These men/women learn, un-learn and re-learn. If you look closely, these men and women aside from being business giants are also teachers one way or the other. Now, how will they be teachers if they didn't learn anything?

Education isn't just a waste of time. Education is a priceless gift any one could ever possess in life. Wisdom and knowledge is added to you (We saw here >>>  the great power of having wisdom). A very expensive opportunity/gift is given to one which is called opening minds... Education opens one's mind. Education makes one stand tall in the society and everywhere he/she finds himself/herself.

I am of the opinion that education gives one a voice and gives one an opportunity to be heard wherever he/she finds oneself. Education earns one respect. Education gives one a better edge in life.

Look around for example, in this present age, everything requires thinking... everything requires writing... everything requires speaking (that is, a voice). One needs an education to be able to communicate with people. One needs an education to be able to pursue one's dreams. No one in the business world really pays attention to someone without an education.... think of about it...

For example, no matter the kind of dream one wants to pursue, be it a politician, an actress, a banker, an analyst, a writer etc, one needs a form of education or the other. If you look at the business giants who everyone believes dropped out of schools, they had and have one form of education or the other.

When all is said and done, education is what one falls back on at the end of the day... Quitting school or quitting education is never the answer.

My views might be so different from yours and I am not here to judge anyone whatsoever. Your views will be totally respected. So my dear readers, I leave the comment section to you. Let's inspire ourselves and also our younger ones or teenagers or people as a whole out there. What is your view on this topic? What do you think is the main aim of education?

Please invite your friends to share their views too.

Be Inspired.

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  1. I feel Education is the key to a sucessful life

    1. Dear Anonymous, thank you for your view on this topic. It is greatly respected and appreciated.


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