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The Most Powerful And Priceless Possession You Have In Life


It is no news that we are made to understand or believe that the most powerful possession we have in life is our tongue. However, I am here to make you understand that the most powerful and priceless possession we have in life is our mind.

Everything both great, small or deadly was first birthed through thoughts and of course, our thoughts originates from our mind.

It is no news that the world and all that is in it was created by God Almighty through His words (tongue)... ''Let there be...'' and ''there was...''. But before God could create all that He created with His words,
He first thought of them. He had the mind to do so. His mind was in order...His mind was right or in the right place to create.

In relationships, many believe that the most powerful gift you can ever give your partner is your heart. They are right but I will say but not all the way right. The most powerful gift you can ever give your partner or a loved one is your mind...your thoughts.

Once someone has your mind or once you have given someone your mind, you have given them all of your being. Once something has your mind, that thing has all of you.
Ever heard of this saying ''once you put your mind at something, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving or getting it?"

As a student for example, being an A student is primarily not rested on hard work. Hard work is an important factor of being an A student but not the most essential factor. The most important factor is the student's mind set.
Think about it, no matter how one decides to study or pray to God for a distinction in all one's courses, if one's mind isn't right, if one doesn't have the right mind set that he or she will pass all his or her courses or a particular course, there is nothing that will make that student pass. Right?

The greatest things ever created or brought into existence was first birthed through thoughts... same goes to the most dangerous things ever created. That is why, it is of utmost importance to jealousy guard your mind.

The most dangerous thing you can ever do is to allow negative things or actions or negative words or actions of people have a place in your mind or penetrate into your mind. This is because your mind, which is your most priceless possession has been corrupted with toxic substances the mind doesn't want making it difficult for you to move pass that.

You notice that all you do and think of are the toxic things in your mind. This gradually starts to affect your tongues (another powerful possession you have). You start to say thing that destroys rather than build you and before you know it, you begin to act on them. Eventually one's being is clouded with these toxic substances leaving them to end up in either mental homes or having strong esteem issues or falling critically ill or destroying oneself etc.

The only way to jealously guard your mind is to be focused. Be focused on you. Be focused on your priorities in life. Set a goal for yourself. Be determined.

For example, Mr A's goal is to get to his car. However, before he can get to his car, he has the heavy wind, the rain and passer bys to contend with. He might be distracted or be discouraged but if he is determined, if his eyes and mind are focused on his car, those things will only blow his way but won't consume his mind to prevent him from getting to his car.

Do not let irrelevant and unprofitable things to destroy your most powerful and most priceless possession because once it is destroyed, only a miracle can restore it back.

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