Saturday, 25 April 2015

Style Inspiration: Who Wore It Best? (Women)


We have here two beautiful entrepreneurs Fergie and Lala on this lovely patterned dress. 

I throw the question to you beautiful people, who wore this dress best? Guys/Men, please feel free to share your thoughts with us too.  

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  1. They both do justice to the dress

  2. Dear Anonymous, you are right. They both look outstanding on the dress but I kind of love how Lala wore hers.

  3. Lala wore it better!

    Fitted and flawless....

    1. Yeah. I feel so.
      I love the way she wore it with her hair packed and the way she paired it with a strapped sandal... I just love it more on Lala.

  4. Why dont you try putting yours there? .....sure you would wear it best ; D

  5. Yes oo...I agree with you....Chidinma put yours na....lets then decide who wore it best

  6. Lala ....too obvious. ...the packed hair fits the outfit very well

  7. Why you serious o...put  yours

  8. For me Lala is the one that wore it right.


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