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Must A Woman Get Married Before She Is Respected? Let's Talk

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Today is Tuesday and of course today is our In House Round Table Talk forum. There was something interesting and intriguing written by Charly Boy I saw over the weekend and I thought it will be great if we talked about it in our In House Round Table Talk forum today.

He wrote:
What is your take on this? Must a woman be a Mrs. before she is respected?
There are obviously something in our culture that needs changing. Why is that we don't accord the same respect we give a married woman as the one we give a single woman.

It even appears to me that today's women don't view themselves as 'complete' unless/until they are married. I see that most women are clearly much more in need of marriage than men.
I have always been confused about why women put SOO MUCH emphasis on getting married above their ambition and become independent.
Abegi, don't get me wrong, marriage is a good thing, am married myself. But my question still is, must a woman get married before she is respected?

My View
Charly Boy is right. We live in a society where unless you are married as a woman, you are classified or considered as less important. This has made many women to put pressure on themselves to get married or to be in a relationship leading many to either fall into the hands of the wrong person or to be heart broken.

I am of the opinion that guys or men see through women like a transparent glass. That is, they know when a woman is desperate for love or desperate to get married.

I feel that a woman should focus on herself and God 100%. Focus on herself in the sense that she should build and develop herself mentally, financially, spiritually, academically, socially etc. She should fall in love with herself and with God.

A lady should know what she wants and shouldn't really settle for anything less than God's best for her. As long as she has placed her heart into God's hands, He will give her heart to the man that is worthy of her, to the man who deserves and values her.

I feel being single is an opportunity given by God to learn, to grow, to develop and to mature.  To learn from your mistakes, to grow from a girl to a woman, to develop and mature into a woman who is blessed and endowed with wisdom so that when you finally meet that special person God has designed for you as your partner, you will look back and say ''it was all worth it''.

This is my view on this topic. I might be wrong that is why I your opinions are much needed to make this forum an interactive one.
Beautiful people, the comment section is all yours, what is your take on this topic?

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  1. Well marriage only gives the name and not the attitude. And attitude attracts respect......u must nt be married be4 ur bein respected

    1. Dear Anonymous, thank you for your view on this topic. It is greatly respected and appreciated.

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! I must say I smiled all through while reading your blog, I am happy to have one who shares same thought as myself.. Will be glad to have you visit my blog www.lifeandlovezone.blogspot.com and where possible will appreciate having you as a guest.

  3. What u put up there is quite inspiring for all the married and especially unmarried african princesses out there.........Dominus


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