Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Is Competition Healthy? Let's Talk

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It''s Tuesday and YES today is In House Round Table Talk!!! Who is excited?

Competition has become the order of the day. Many believe that without competition you can never go far in life. Everywhere you go, any where you find yourself,  everyone is competing for one thing or the other.

In organisations or industries, colleagues are competing for a particular position, rank, title, a particular benefit packages or recommendation etc. You find friends competing for who will get married first or who will get wealthy first or who will buy a particular luxury first etc. You find siblings competing for who will be the next heir to the throne... and the list goes on and on with or without one knowing it, it leads to strive, contempt, betrayal, backstabbing, lies envy, jealousy etc. 

Now the question is, is competition healthy? Is competition necessary? Let's hear your views on this topic. What do you really feel about this? 
My View

I feel that there are 2 sides to every competition. There is the healthy side and the unhealthy side. 

The healthy side is when everyone is competing to be better and stronger. The healthy side of competition is where everyone wants the best for each other and will not take settling for less as an answer. 

Then there is the  unhealthy side of competition, which is clouded with greed, envy, jealousy and strife. This only leads to endangering one's mental stability and health as a whole. 

I feel that the only person we should ever compete with, is who we were yesterday. 
Many atimes, when you improve yourself, you are directly and indirectly building and developing yourself which in turn will open great doors, if not now but in the no distant future. 

Everything you so desire in life lies within you. When you are so focused on improving yourself, you won't even notice that the grass is greener on the other side because you are busy making the grass in your side greener. 

This is my view on  this topic. I might be wrong and my view might be extremely different from yours. That is why this is an open conversation. Let's hear your views on this topic. Let's inspire educate and learn from one another. 

The comment section is totally yours beautiful people. Please what's your view on this topic?

Yours Truly,

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I think competition is healthy when you strive to be better than yesterday. Just like you mentioned. Never look at another person's farm, concentrate on your own, take care of the weeds, water the plants, harvest the fruits, etc. This basically means improve yourself by reading, implementing information, reinventing yourself, etc. Everyday, aim to be 1% better than yesterday. With time, you'll progress than you never thought possible.


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