Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Inspiration For The Month- Be Still


There are times when you feel like taking or making a decision immediately is the best and only option you've got, unknown to you that you might be jumping into a ditch by doing so.

Many atimes, the best action you can take is to be calm... Most times, when you are calm and still you will get to see things from a better, different and cleaer and angle, leaving you to take and make the best decisions that there is.

Being in a hurry to do something or to make or take a decision might only leave one hypertensive or in regrets.

Be still in the decisions you make or take this month. Like the bible clearly states in Psalm 46:10 ''Be Still And Know That I Am God''. Rather than rush to make or take any decision that you may live to regret, let God guide and direct your path. Master the habit of being calm no matter the situation you find yourself in.

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Be Inspired

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