Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Here Is What Southern Rockhopper Penguin Looks Like


This post is so similar to the post we published here >>>  on wholphin, that is half whale and half dolphin. Where we were amazed that a sea animal of such does exist.

We are all know what a penguin looks like. To some of us who don't, below is a picture of what a penguin (s) looks like.

Now here are pictures of what southern rockhopper penguin (s) looks like:

Mind blown right? Did you know such an animal (Southern Rockhopper Penguin) do exist? I guess the reason why it is called Rockhopper is because of it's ''rocky like nature'' or ''hairstyle''. 

An example of a rock hairstyle

I am still mind blown though. Everyday we get get to unravel and also discover the numerous wonders created by God. 

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