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Friday Inspirations: THE SECRET BEHIND SOLOMON'S WISDOM By Michael Ojo

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Today, a friend to our blog Michael Ojo is inspiring us today with his write up. YAAY!

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It's obvious that many of us strongly desire the Solomon kind of wisdom but the reason why some people are yet to get it is because they have not really taken their time to study the secret behind his wisdom and the reason why God gave Solomon such a great wisdom.

After a serious study of 1 kings 3, the Holy spirit opened my eyes to certain things that prompted God to bless Solomon that much.Join me as we embark on this life changing journey, I am believing God for someone reading this post that before the end of "TODAY" the spirit of the Lord and the Solomon kind of wisdom will descend mightily upon you,people around you will begin to see changes in the way you ask and answer questions, you will become a solution oriented person,Amen. Happy reading!

Secrets behind Solomon's wisdom extracted from 1 Kings 3:

(1) Solomon did the uncommon: In 1 Kings 3:4, the Bible recorded that Solomon went to a very great place (Gibeon) to offer a thousand burnt offering unto the Lord. This act of love that Solomon exhibited got the attention of God and that same day the Lord visited him.

(2)  Solomon was given an open check and he did a deep thinking before making any decision. In 1 Kings 3:5, the Lord put the question to Solomon"Ask what I shall give you" and from verses 6-9 Solomon reasoned deeply about the mercies of the Lord upon himself and his father and his action helped him in taking the right choice.

(3)  Solomon realized the fact that he is not better than others but it's just God's mercy that has qualified him.

(4)  In 1Kings 3:7,Solomon admitted the fact that he is a little child and he lacked the wisdom to make the right judgement upon the people of God.

Many people see themselves to be full of wisdom and that is why they can't get God's wisdom. The individual that will get God's wisdom must humble himself for him to be exalted by God. This individual must come empty to God and give God the space to fill him because YOU CAN'T BE FILLED BY GOD WHEN YOU'RE ALREADY FULL(with philosophical/earthly wisdom).

(5) Solomon also knew that he is in the midst of God's people and the fact is that"YOU NEED GOD'S WISDOM TO JUDGE GOD'S PEOPLE". You did not know those people before they were born but God does.You need to go to their maker and get facts about them from Him. 

Whenever we get a leadership position in a church or any religious gathering, we must realise the fact that we are not superior to those people we are to lead but God is superior to us all,this way we would see reasons never to treat them as slaves.

(6)  Solomon finally made a life changing decision in 1 Kings 3:9,Solomon asked God to give him "AN UNDERSTANDING HEART  TO JUDGE GODS PEOPLE AND A DISCERNING SPIRIT TO DISCERN BETWEEN EVIL AND GOOD". 

Solomon had the love of God's people in mind that was why he wasn't selfish in his request. Do you have the love of God's people in mind or you just want to fulfil your selfish desire??? 
In 1 Kings 3:12-13,God honoured Solomon's request and even gave him those things he didn't ask for. I believe that this article has ministered to someone because in this teaching lies the divine key to provoking God's wisdom upon our lives.

In conclusion, before you ask for Solomon kind of wisdom, try to ask yourself if you actually have the heart of Solomon (the heart that love God's people over personal gain,the heart that knows that we can do nothing without God's approval, the heart that knows how to think deeply- "HE WHO FAILS TO THINK DEEPLY BEFORE MAKING A DECISION WILL SURELY SINK DEEPLY AFTER MAKING HIS HASTY DECISION, may you never sink IN JESUS NAME).

With one voice, let's appreciate my one and only source (Jesus) by saying"THANK YOU HOLY  SPIRIT". For without Him i can do/write nothing (John 15:5).God bless you.

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