Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Fishes Falling From The Sky As Rain In Thailand


This happened  3 days ago in Thailand. This is just a great example of this generation's manna from heaven like it happened in the days of our forefathers (Exodus 16).

There would have been people there who have made up of their minds that the meal they were eating at that point in time will be there last meal on earth before this happened.

There would have been people there who gathered their belongings to sell so that they will survive when these fishes happened. Now, they have fishes in abundance to sell and make a living out of them. 

There would have been people who who have lost hope in having a means of livelihood when these fishes happened. Now these fishes will birth some people's careers and businesses and the list goes on and on. 

This just shows and teaches us that when we have been pushed to a wall, when we have been pushed into a tight corner, when we have done ALL that we could possibly do with our own strength, power and will but no result is forth coming then the One who creates a way where there is no way, the One who parted the great Red Sea and made all the deadly fishes to stand still for His children to walk through the great Sea as though there were walking on dry land steps in... your struggles, trials, tribulations, afflictions, disappointments have no other choice than to bow.

God is always working. He never ever works the way we expect. He never ever works the way we planned or hoped for. The way God works still blows my mind every time. He is the greatest Master Planner of all. 

It might look impossible but trust me, the only place the word impossible can ever be found in the eyes of God is the English dictionary. 


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  1. Omg! Wow! Soooo unbeliveable....GOD is faithful

  2. Never seen this before

  3. Agree with you

  4. How did it get captured?......this is incredible

  5. Waoooooo!!!! Great is our God!!!

  6. Well, have come to realize when we see some great manifestation of God among men in the nations of our world like this, the words of men are limited in praising the supremacy and sovereignity of the mighty God!
    This is so wonderful, as i behold it right now, as a Business Minded person I wish this could happen in Nigeria then we will be able to make more Money with it, with less stress. Natural Cash will roll in Lol. *smile*


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