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We live in a society or world where everyone or most people wants greatness so bad that they put pressure on themselves to get it at all cost. However, no one great ever started great.
Let's use the Almighty God as an example. He being the ALMIGHTY would have just created the world and all that is in it within the twinkle of an eye. But He didn't. Him being the only wise God decided to work for the great things He is about to bring into existence and wait for them to be formed in their various greatness.

Many want an awesome or great relationships or marriages but expect the greatness of that relationship or marriage to begin the day the relationship or marriage started. They want their relationships/marriages to be extremely perfect just like the fairy tales. A relationship where multimillion naira/dollars/pounds cars are driven
, mansions are being lived in, blessed to work in a multinational organisation etc failing to understand that those things will eventually happen but not at the get go.

There will be lots of mistakes made along the way. Lots of the desire to give up but staying to work things out and to sacrifice. Step by step every great thing you ever desired or dreamed will begin to come into existence.

The billionaires we see today, 98% of them didn't start out as billionaires (the reason why 98% was used is because some might have inherited theirs). The 98% that didn't start out as billionaires, it took them years of sacrifice, hard work, determination, discipline, sleepless nights, the desire to give up, failures, disappointments, betrayals etc.
But all these were what made them the business giants or moguls they are today. This is what is called ''humble beginning''.

The lessons you learnt or gathered from your experiences in your humble beginning is what you will apply when you become a business giant or mogul or a big gun in your area of expertise tomorrow. And when you look back, you will smile and say all those experiences were worth it cos it made me who I am today.

There is absolutely no need for you to compare your journey with that of others or to look down on yourself or see yourself as a failure. Do not look at other people's journeys. Your journey and destination are different from theirs. Do not worry the sky is big enough to take everyone.

Therefore, there is no need to rush. Like the post on conquering the traffic of life (please do find that here >>> ) rightly examined and demonstrated how rushing through life can get one crushed with regrets and pains. When you rush your process, chances are that you might end up paying heavily for what you did not bargain for.

I end with this great advice from Steve Harris, ''Start small but grow fast''. He didn't say start great neither did he say rush your journey. He said, start small but grow fast.

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