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Should A Woman Be A Career Wife/Mum After She Is Married? Let's Talk

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Welcome to another episode of In House Round Table Talk

It is said that every woman's primary office is her kitchen and her primary organisation is her home. Many a times when men are asked, if they want their wives to be career wives or mums, the first thing that many will say ''NO''.
That who will take care of their home and their children? They are of the opinion that their wives MUST be a stay at home mum that is, a house wife or at most she must work from home.

However, every woman or most women wants to feel and have a sense of financial independence. Every woman or most women wants to contribute or impact one way or the other to the society as we made mention here >>>   in our letter to the ladies.

Today's forum episode is to inspire and educate women all around the world on this issues. And also to inspire one another.

So now the question is, Should a woman be a career wife/mum after she is married? Let's hear your (man/woman/boy/girl) views on this topic.

Here is my view on this topic:

Women are a ''work of nature and art'' (we will elaborate more on this in a different post) in themselves. They are multi-taskers. They can do a million and one things at the same time and still bring out the best results.

That said, should a woman be a career wife/mum after she is married? My answer is ''Yes''.
However, my answer depends on a whole lot of factors.

If a woman wants to be a career wife/mum there is one thing she MUST ensure she never fails in and that is in her home. She MUST never let her husband, her children and her home suffer. She must always be there for them. She has to ensure that these 3 things are her number one priority.

Many are of the opinion that there are certain types of jobs or organisations a married woman/mother should not do or work in because she won't have time for her family...
My view on this is that, one needs to prioritise a whole lot. A woman also need to come in agreement with her spouse on these things. At the end of the day, it is what makes her, her husband, her children and her home happy that matters.

Sometimes, women work to also help out in the family or to some sort feel independent. If what makes a woman's home happy and stable is that she should work from home, then that she what she should do. If what makes a woman's home happy and stable, that is, she should work in an organisation whose work hours are not too lengthy. Then that is what she should do.

Remember, marriage is not just about one person, it is about many people (the husband, the wife and the children). Decisions made and taken should benefit the parties involved.

This happens to be my view on this topic. I might be wrong, that is why this is an interactive forum for us to interactive and inspire one another.

So beautiful people, what are your views on this topic? Do not worry, your views will be greatly respected and appreciated.

Please do invite your views to join us on this topic.

Yours Truly,

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  1. To be a career mum,depends on the agreement of both the husband and wife.As a woman,you shouldn't allow your marriage suffer because of your job.A wise woman builds her home.there are jobs that working hours could be from 8-4pm .depends on the kind of jobs thou.If the woman is kind of business inclined,that would rather give her ample time for the family because she is the ceo abi madam of the place,she will know how to manage her time and every thing.If the decision is to be a stay at home mum,then she has no excuse at all because that too is a full time job,to take care of the family at all time,lol

    1. Dear Anthonia,
      Thank you for your view on this topic. It is greatly respected & appreciated.

  2. Hmm, what a dicey topic, well I support the fact that every woman should have something doing even if her husband is dangote and has lots of money and everything to give i still belief it's best for her to find something not too time consuming to do.

    But I totally don't support a job that will take the whole of her day and make her give excuses on why she has to fail in her home department.

    I have a colleague at work who is married, goes to school and also work and I have never heard her having issues in her home, I can say this sorely because I am a friend of the family and we discuss issues as family. Been a career woman isn't an excuse to make your home suffer. If your current job is taking more of your time, then I think it's time to drop that job and find something else doing but totally becoming a full house wife is a no no for me except there are very good reasons why she has to stop work to take the home job on a permanent basis.

    1. Dear Paul,
      Thank you for your view on this topic. It is greatly respected & appreciated.

  3. Dough i have been trying my best to comment on this topic but unfortunately i was unable to through my laptop but thank God i can use my phone this is a great topic Chidinma to ne oh to be a career woman is no to me parmit me to speak as a muslim Prophet Muhamad Says that before u get married make it sure Ure a man so dat you can take your wife as full house wife dats only because of your children not dat she shouldnt do anything but atleas let her spent 70% of her time doing her homeworks and the 30% for work and the work shouldnt be a hard one so dat she can attend to everysituation at home imagine husband is a banker wife too a banker so wheres the time to teach and spend with the children believe me career women are those that have problem with relationshid ask me how!

    1. Dear Yakubu,
      Thank you for your view on this topic. It is greatly respected & appreciated.


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